The Growcodile

Animation | In Pre Production

Bridget is a gifted young girl with a big secret: she has a pet crocodile that she hides in her room, definitely more impressive than the silly goldfish she got for her birthday. However, no matter how sweet, the little crocodile grows bigger and more difficult to care for.
What to do when your parents don’t like pets, and your father, who owns a shoe store, loves crocodile leather?
With the help of Grandma Nell, the unlikely duo will set on a wild adventure to defy the odds and find the perfect home for Gilbert the crocodile.


Joost Van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk


Mark Mertens and Vladimir Kokh (OOPS Franchise, Latte & the Magic Waterstone, Stitch Head)

Production Companies

Fantabulous (The Amazing Maurice)