The Captive

Adventure, Period Drama | In Pre Production

1575 Algiers, Miguel de Cervantes, a wounded 28-year-old Spanish Navy soldier, is held prisoner by Ottoman corsairs. Faced with a ticking clock, a cruel death awaits him should his fellow countrymen fail to pay his ransom soon; but within the confines of his cell, Cervantes discovers a surprising refuge - the art of storytelling.

Crafted from resilience and hope, his stories enthral his fellow captives and capture the attention of Hasan, the enigmatic and feared Bey of Algiers. With a secret affinity ignited between captor and captive, suspicions rise amidst growing tensions in the city; Cervantes, driven by an unwavering sense of optimism, devises a daring plan for freedom.


Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, The Sea Inside)

Executive Producer

Fernando Bovaira (The Sea Inside, The Others, Biutiful)


Mod Producciones (Agora, Biutiful)
Himenóptero (While at War, The Sea Inside)
Propaganda Italia (Monica)


Julio Peña (Berlin, Through My Window)
Alessandro Borghi (The Eight Mountains, Supersex)