Comedy, Romance | Completed

A woman on the brink of a marriage proposal is given permission to 'test date' other men before spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend.

Anna and Will, are each other's first every-things: first kiss, first love, first and only relationship. As Will is about to propose, their best friend suggests they should date somebody else before spending the rest of their life with each other, leading the couple on an unexpected romantic journey. PERMISSION is a subversive, feminist, romantic comedy. The story of a couple who take a big risk - to trust each other.


Brian Crano


Margot Hand (Miss Julie, Ginger & Rosa), Rebecca Hall, Giri Tharan, Joshua Thurston


Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Dinner, Holmes and Watson)
Dan Stevens(Downton Abbey, The Guest, Beauty and the Beast, and FX's Legion series)

Supporting Cast

Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses)
Gina Gershon, Francois Arnaud, Morgan Spector, Bridget Everett, David Joseph Craig, Sarah Steele