Holy Mother

Historical Drama, Period Drama | Completed

17 year old Emma is appointed Reverend Mother of the local Abbey, with the mission of repopulating the Christian community in Spain’s 9th century southern territories. Raised to lead, the Abbess is determined to fulfill her duty, but when met with the conspiracy of her fellow sisters, in contrast with the kind-ship of alleged Moor enemies, Emma must decide the personal price she is willing to pay to meet her calling.


Antonio Chavarrías (Childish Games, Celia’s Lives)

Executive Producer

Alba Bosch-Durán
Flavia Biurrun & Jennifer Ritter (In the Land of Saints and Sinners)


Antonio Chavarrías
José María Morales (Aloft, Petra)
Miguel Morales (Beautiful Youth)
Monica Lozano (Tambien La Lluvia, Atlantide, Amores Perros)


Daniela Brown

Supporting Cast

Blanca Romero (After), Carlos Cuevas, Ernest Villegas, Berta Sánchez, Oriol Genís, Joaquín Notario