Haunted Heart

Drama, Psychological, Romance, Thriller | In Post Production

On a beautiful remote island in Greece, young and spirited Alex joins the team of a boutique seaside restaurant as their new waitress. Despite her femme-fatale charm quickly winning the heart of the charismatic Enrico, she instead falls for the enigmatic restaurant manager Max, a reclusive American who settled on the island decades ago. As the seasons pass, sexual tensions rise, and tourists come and go, Enrico begins to unearth disturbing clues about Max's dark and mysterious past. Blinded by her feelings, Alex chooses to ignore his warnings, as the story slowly slides into a harrowing tale of survival.


Fernando Trueba (Belle Époque)


Cristina Huete, Dago García


Matt Dillon (Asteroid City, The House That Jack Built, Crash)
Aida Folch (The Artist And The Model, The Queen Of Spain)

Supporting Cast

Juan Pablo Urrego (Memoria, Forgotten We'll Be)



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