| In Release | 126min

In the highly competitive world of desert camel racing, where bedouin family legacies are forged, young Ghanim dreams of seizing victory in the annual Great Safwa Race in honor to his legendary grandfather, known only as Hajjan – “The Jockey”.

But tragedy strikes when he is thrown from his mount by a mysterious rider in a golden headscarf, resulting in his tragic death. Witnessing his older brother's suspicious demise, orphaned Mattar vows to restore his family honor, embarking on a mission to become a Hajjan himself.

Unversed in racing, Mattar can only count on his trusted camel Hofira to accompany him through the vast expenses of the Arabian desert, in a quest to uncover the mystery behind the golden rider and his shady benefactor Jasser. Along the way, he will form unexpected friendships and uncover dark secrets, transforming his quest for justice into a battle for freedom, challenging the very traditions he seeks to uphold.


Abu Bakr Shawky (Yomeddine)


Mohamed Hefzy (Perfect Strangers, Souad), Rula Nasser (Inshallah a Boy, Holy Spider) , Majed Z Samman

Production Companies

Film Clinic, Ithra, Imaginarium