Project Description


  • DIRECTOR: János Szász (The Notebook)
  • CAST: Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine, Paddington, Happy Go Lucky) Jack Lowden (71, War & Peace, Dunkirk)
  • GENRE: Drama/Erotic Thriller
  • WRITERS: Naomi Wallace (MacArthur Fellowship) and Bruce McLeod (Flying Blind)
  • PRODUCERS: Kees Kasander (Fish Tank), Julia Ton (Peter Greenaway), John Archer (The Story of Film)


A young, obstinate soldier, Ramsey, returns from the war with battle injuries and eyesight issues. He refuses the help of his family and insists on being left alone to recover. His brother arranges for Ramsey to be cared for by a young and beautiful private nurse.

But when an older married woman, Natalie, does a favor for a friend and secretly replaces the much younger nurse, she and Ramsey find themselves in intimate contact and wanting more. What starts as an innocent deception, quickly evolves into an extraordinary psychological and erotic relationship. Natalie finds the closed and taciturn young man difficult to care for, but she enjoys pretending to be the young single woman that Ramsey believes her to be. Though frustrated with his blindness, Ramsey begins to let Natalie into his inner world. As the two lovers become increasingly intertwined, they explore one another through sexual and emotional power play, using one another to escape from their narrow worlds. But the carer is not who the young soldier thinks she is, and now he is beginning to recover his sigh, turning their liaison into an ongoing and multi-layered subterfuge against a ticking clock.

What they do not expect is for their desire to become so necessary to both of them.